Sometimes the cut is too deep,
the wounds bleeding and wide open.
I’m not proud of them, never that.
Bitterness is my failure. I take it daily,
feeling its poison thread through my
veins like a drug. It is too costly to be nice;
like the taste of slow torture,
your tongue tracing the salty tracks
made by the tears that stream down my face.

Some things just betray me,
catching  my heart in a vice.
The scent of freedom’s a thrill,
being caught out in your gaze;
the freshly mown grass under my feet;
those days by the river, buzzing with dragonflies,
flitting in a whirl of business and wings.

But this is how it is now,
me keeping my distance
watching from afar. What is better,
safe and comfortable or caught out on a limb?
You did your work well
giving me your pain at the start of my life.


by Louise


35 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. The best that can said of such wounds is that they leave forever reminders of how we got them in the scars they leave. But it appears there are other reminders not so painful. Some are downright beautiful, thoughtful. Wonderful, Louise.

  2. Tragic words and feelings beautifully put Louise ! A journey travelled with places revisited and the not so nice places revisited less and less often as time goes on 😉 x

    • The not so nice places are hopefully moving further away, but I am determined to make the most out of life these days, even if it may hurt!! Thanks for your lovely comment Steve.. 🙂

  3. Carrying all these emotions, like baggage on your back through life. Oh gosh I really need to stop with the metaphor talk. This blew me away Lou…really well expressed

  4. This seemed to meander like Ophelia from lyric to lament, with its vivid descriptive phrases and hiss of emotional steamvents, while all the while it was a sharpened stick. I found every word of this reflected in my own experience, but you’ve said it in a way I never could have. Fine writing.

  5. The pain you convey
    With your one shot today
    Really can be felt in every vein
    Creating such a stain
    Although it was a great read
    As you planted the seed

  6. Okay…so this one hit a little too close to home for me today. Needless to say I’ve the sensation you’ve been routing through my brain! 🙂 Sorry…but this really spoke to me, and I don’t think I need to say any more. Thanks for having the courage to 1)Write it 2)Share it. Sincerely…thank you.

  7. Gosh..really felt that & the exhaustion from carrying too much, giving too much to some ‘others’, who pass their hurt, their pain, their burdens onto you, in fact their dark emptiness poured into you, hmm having a physical reaction to your words, I can really relate…wonderfully put, the pain of it, & the sheer plain endurance of it..I would just say, the river and the dragonflies are always there…go to them, I do…

  8. This piece washes over you with the tastes and smells of something found and then lost…writing out the pain…beautifully written. // Peter.

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