To finally see the colours


Photograph from National Geographic

My life has often been about chaos
and destruction, a walk into dark alone.
It isn’t pleasant there;
the words I write often sound of black.

But when mindfulness awakes me,
I begin to write of colours and of peace.

Like green is the grass blowing in the wind.
Blue is Neptune spinning round the moon.
Orange is the orange that tastes so good.
Yellow is the sun that warms me to the core.
Red is the colour I could wear and adore.

To finally be able to see
is such a wondrous gift.
There is music in the world,
and rainbows –

sometimes inside of me.
by Louise

Written for Blognostics Colour Contatenation


17 thoughts on “To finally see the colours

  1. You always inspires me Louise 🙂
    I love the way you expresses emotions so beautifully..Liked the way you inter-related lines with colours …
    I wish your life be colourful with true textures of peace and satisfaction .

    Keep Smiling..Love n hugs

  2. Its a glorious autumn day here in Atlanta and I really enjoy this poem’s implosion explosion of happy colors of mind, though, emotion, environment.

  3. Another beautiful artistic embrace….. oranges that taste so good, yellows that warm….. and rainbows, sometimes inside…. Very easy, very comfortable read, very Sunday-morning-sitting-in-my-favorite-chair still in pajamas kind of feeling to this…… I really enjoyed your poem.

  4. To figuratively and literally open our eyes and recognize there is a world of colour beyond the midnights, blacks and grays or our dark times is a blessing we share…each every day…and in the words you share with the world. It’s wonderful to see this piece and realize your breathtaking evolution as a poet, my dear Lou.

    BTW, Sky Blue is the colour you can wear and I adore. 🙂 xoxox

    ~ j

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