A Publishing Contract

I am very excited to announce that Winter Goose Publishing have offered me an amazing opportunity to publish my first collection of poetry with them, to which I have accepted and signed earlier this month. I feel very proud and pleased and I hope you’ll take a moment to read the Winter Goose site for the details of my book Phases of the MoonΒ due to be released August 2012



26 thoughts on “A Publishing Contract

  1. … and not before time … you were born to share your wondrous talent. I & so many other people adore your poems & the thought of being able to buy a whole book full is really exciting. I await my signed copy extremely impatiently. Huge congratulations Louise x

  2. I’m so pleased and happy for you, my dear and darling girl. And proud to be here with you when it happened. I’ve said it a gazillion times–only thousands to you–how people love and are transformed by your gift to take them to places they’ve never been, or never knew they had been.

    You’re a treasure, Louise. My treasure of an adored friend and partner. Now the rest of the world gets to know how much of a treasure you are. Love you…J. xoxox

  3. Awesome news, Louise, huge congratulations to you! Woot, Woot! You go, girl! Best news of the day! ~ Julie πŸ™‚

  4. You go LouLou – huge congratulations !! I’ll hide in the queue at the book signing and I’ll swap a big smacker on the cheek for an autograph in my well thumbed copy of Phases of the Moon – can’t think of a more deserving poet to get a contract πŸ™‚

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