Sensory Perception

Photo credit: Louise Hastings ~ Dragon in Glastonbury

There is a dragon
perching on a rock,
holding out his wings
to the wind
that sweeps across the bay.
I can see his pale
translucent skin,
his eyes caught by the light
thrown from the sun
and while we speak
of legends, fire and storms,
he bows his head to mine,
listens gravely as I talk.
Or so it seems –
a sensory perception
as real as you or I.



© 2012 Louise Hastings

Phases of the Moon Release Day!

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Red Chrysanthemum

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Outside the town the road leads up
into hills and rows of forest trees
full of midnight greens and firelight
in every distinctive leaf. They follow
me here in silence as signs beneath
my eyelids in the gap between
wakefulness and sleep. I’ll go to bed
beneath sudden stars, but never remember
in the dark when returning to this room.

From the deepest slumber, another day
will dawn, seven billion dreams
drawing patterns with the alphabet,
a swarm of eyes within a crowd
blossoming into many exhaled breaths.
Outside, the whistle of bird song, distant traffic
grumbling with the morning coffee cups
while inside worlds are warmed by sun,
the opening of paradise , hearts unfolding
like red chrysanthemum. The many. One.



© 2012 Louise Hastings 

#FiveSentenceFiction ~ Distance

Grupo de pelícanos en formación a su paso sobr...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every day during the summer holidays, ten-year old Luke would sit on the beach staring longingly out at the island.

It seemed to shimmer in the hazy distance, a rocky outcrop inhabited only by a colony of sea birds who would dip and dive through the spray into the crystal clear waters.

He didn’t know how to swim so could only watch them, remaining tethered to the shore and wishing he could feel the coolness of the sea water against his sun burnt skin.

It was their freedom that he envied most of all, and when his parents asked “Are you looking forward to the new term, Luke?” he could only nod glumly at the thought of school.

A knot formed in his stomach, but he vowed then that he would learn how to swim, return to the beach and visit his island one day.


© 2012 Louise Hastings

Written for the 5 sentence fiction prompt ~ Distance @ Lillie  McFerrin’s site


August full moon

August full moon (Photo credit: Stelios Kiousis)

Beyond the rooftops
lies a sea of blue,
pale as eggshells,
delicate in this August wind.
I walk, a Lou Reed song
playing from an open window
to the battered, mid-summer trees.
Their leaves hiss,
a rosette of darkened green,
swirling into another perfect day
caught in the moment,
in the sun shining
reflecting off the dandelion heads
bright and yellow as unbroken yolk.
I can’t recall the names
of the raindrops that fell,
the streaming sky
overcast and thunderous
in another cycle of the moon.



© 2012 Louise Hastings