Old Wind by Darren Hawbrook

Image Credit: 123RF.com

Old wind,
I have known you
but briefly.
From a light sleep
you wake me,
face pressed against my window
like an errant child
without a friend.

You ride the turbulence
in a world full of secrets;
The Confidant to love and death;
blowing kisses of eternal promise
while gathering up last breaths.

Some days you wander
through cinammon streets,
speak in hermit tongue,
an odour of stale whiskey and smoke
on your weary exhalations.

Other times, your playful sprite
chases butterflies
through lily-white glades,
lifts kites aloft with childlike hope
and stirs the autumn leaves.

I hear your fitful
zephyr song
on the wind-chimes in the yard.
Old wind,
I run with you tonight –
if from a light sleep
you wake me.

I am a writer and musician from Lincoln, England, turning my hand to most types of writing. I’ve written poems, songs, short fiction and scripts (including a pantomime), and have reached 70,000 words towards my first serious novel. In many ways, I am influenced by nature and the elemental factors that help to forge the creative landscapes of the mind. I love reading the many wonderful poets who share their work on Word Press, and it is thanks to them that I have dug out my old poems and dusted them off in order to post on my blog at www.awildernesswithin.wordpress.com.  Old Wind is a new poem, inspired by the teasing wind that rattled through the office windows while stuck on my 9 til 5! Louise was one of the first poets (and certainly one of the best) that I came across on Word Press, and I am honoured that she has agreed to host one of my pieces on her site.