After the Rain by Poetry Novice

Grey clouds lift, a break or two of blue
The rain that ensued has left a shine on the land
Brickwork freshened by moisture’s touch
Grime and dirt of the summer trailing away to a mortal end

Steam appears as the sun once more makes its dominance felt
The flora recovers, safe to raise their full faces
Noises once again, where there had been only roar
The evening sounds of the countryside, on the wind children readily explore

And now the evening settles, shed of it meteorological hiccup
Tomorrow brings a new dawn, a new sun, a new day
Awaiting more warming rays, a return to the heat and the dry.


I’m a 40 something novice to poetry living in south east england with my wife and two young daughters. I fell into writing some thoughts, which became poetic, whilst on a recent family holiday, and often I will put pencil to paper; and now to keyboard.