This Story

© Photos: John Peters 2009

I could tell you that there in the dark
where the hills protrude from the black –
nobody is about, just the distant bark
of a fox, a few night birds calling,
sharp starlight bathing the treetops.
But that wouldn’t be true; the ground
is saturated with blood, with the stink
of dogma, bullets and guns.
I wonder if you would listen then,
when I tell you of unspeakable things –
of pain, the rip and tear of innocent flesh.
I have no say, just this poem,
needles of frost in my hair, this story.



Copyright 2012 Louise Hastings

Any day now the guns will start firing over the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire, killing 70% (so they say) of the badger population in an unscientific and unpopular cull ..if you disagree with this then please take a moment to sign the petition Thank you!

8 thoughts on “This Story

  1. Yes I like this poem and it’s sentiment, Lou. The ‘stink of dogma’ is being polite in my view! It’s rather more akin to an archaic lynch mob, baying for the blood of a scapegoat, because they have neither the art nor the science to come to a just conclusion. It’s just window dressing.

    • Quite, John …the cull is barbaric and something akin to the 19th century…what hope have we got when the government refuses to even listen to it’s scientific advisers, who say this cull is madness and won’t work? I despair….

  2. I heard the badgers had a meeting last night and they decided, for the good of the earth, to cull the humans who are polluting the soil, air and water. They will start with government officials and then cull greedy gun manufacturers and corporative executives. Oh, they may put a few in zoos so the rest of the animals can gape at the beings who are destroying their environment.

  3. Fantastic poem Louise, this part cuts straight to the heart of it:

    “But that wouldn’t be true; the ground
    is saturated with blood, with the stink
    of dogma, bullets and guns.”

    I hope the public backlash and possible clashes with animal rights protesters brings this subject back in to the spot light so someone can do a U turn on the madness, he knows how to do them well enough.

    • Thank you Abi! Let’s hope so…who was it who said “this back of the envelope, make it up as you go along, U-turning miserable shower of a government”… the vast majority of the country is against this cull…it’s about time they started listening

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