Mother Earth

She is vast, beautiful like a constellation.
She and I are made up of the same stars.

If you could search her eyes
you would see a whole universe swirling there.

Being a part of her is like riding on a spaceship,
watching as the moon shines like a disco light.

Don’t try to harm her. She’ll become destructive.
Her storms are wild and restless.
Inside she is a fragile chemistry set.

I wish to hug her to me, keep her safe,
but she’s too big to wrap my arms across.

Her seas are endless.Β She holds life in a pulsating fist.
Her secrets carry on the wind. Her breath is my breath.


Β©2013 Louise Hastings

A belated Earth Day poem πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. Beautiful poem! I love it! I want to share it on my poetry blog, as I just wrote a small poem on Children, which involved the sea… “She and I are made up of the same stars” says it all to me.

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    • Hi Deanie…thanks so much for poppoing over here. Glad you enjoyed the poem, and you’re very welcome. Great to meet a fellow childrens author πŸ™‚

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