Water wheel


leaf floating on body of water

Photo by Cole Keister on Pexels.com

A well of water, a wish thrown in, or several
floating like a feather would. A swan, or something
musical, a warbler singing, or a wren.
The bobbing of a wagtail’s tail, the whip of silver
in the wash, salmon surging upstream, awake
from winter rest; the skim of swallows above the trees
at dusk, a dance of wing and wind; a spider’s web,
that weave of thread, dew drops strung on wire;
a wilderness, the wreck of weather in early spring;
a swarm of wasps, the hazchem symbol
for the picnic place, terrorising summer;
the spinning whirligig of the pond; the weep
of waterweed, or of willow, an avocet heading west.
A sunrise. Wedding bells. The wide sweep of sea.