Blue Sky

Photo by melchor gama on

A monochrome day, a trapdoor,
a cell window
framing a bare, pale light,
the sun off the pavement
much like a compass

pointing the wrong way
and needing to give yourself over
to love and forgetting,
the yin and the yang
of the second door
painted in green –

and it has come to this,
to tasting your name
in the aroma of wine,
in fresh bread from the oven
and to loving you now
as I loved you then,

written through him
in cool, clean air
across the intimate distance,
reflected in mahogany eyes,
in the brush of wings
as a bird takes flight –

all this we have and more
deep in our solitude
and the door melts away
leaving a heart beating
between strangers
and light, a river, blue sky.

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