A #sixword play

A dance of words on twitter with the wonderful @novatwitman, who started us off with:

patience her virtue, each second waits

breathless as time, her hunger burns

a bright sparkle kindling the stars

white heat dancing with the moon

rhythm swaying close, ghosting her surface

a gentle rippling, ebb and flow

breeze breath gentle warmth on surface

powerful new moon awakes the night

drawn together, primal thoughts and actions

light playing on her ghostly lips

moonbeams lap her earthly skin

in rivers of silver, magic dance

pebbles giggle, hop, tumble with glee

bubbling sofly back to earthly realms

stealing kisses she smiles and chuckles

a clap of hands, boundless delight

silhouette tickles her moon lit nape

light tingling sensations strokes her desires

joys exude from little unexpected ideas

like rosebuds blooming after heavy rain

follow curvature towards her shadowy depths

sink into her divine, follow love

petals quiver at every raindrop felt

trembling at a touch so soft

warmth glows, revealing the full moon

sinking deeper into its hypnotic light

shudders from each earth bound drops

a gold sky explodes, penninsula reborn

craves patiently, the next full moon

to another time of midnight greeness

to reveal new unexplored earthly wiles

new directions of a forgotten path

all leads to the original glance

patiently watching, waiting to pounce

where time freezes momentarily and unexpected

where wild winds blow time apart

to replay dance with forgotten beats

heart pulse flow, times forever song

and all that matters is dance

pleasure in the beat, life’s journey

lyrics to be discovered, between two

vibrations to be found, minds entwine

pleasure as always, dear little poem

is he sleeping now? She wonders

Still awake though more rest beckons

enjoy the rest, sleep dear wolf

light and moon in timeless cuddles


~ finis ~

Little poem

This gogyohka dance happened this morning, quite unexpectedly, when @novatwitman stalked and pounced on my tweet of  ‘little poem’ ~ it resulted in this magical collaborative twitter poem. You can read more of @novatwitman’s ‘Wicked Thoughts’ here.

Little poem
out there
all alone
will it
be safe?

Beware little one
in the shadows
lurks the devourer
of innocent

Little poem
her song
of beauty
to his ears

if you must
only darkness hears
its only
me and you alone

The letters
as he
takes his bite
to all eternity

His beastly appetite
leans on her alphabet
snarls lewdness
promise the dictionary
for a bite

He leads her
by the commas
into her ear

His wickedness
verbs and nouns
enchanted sonnets
her thoughts

Limbs askew
she dies
into his
darkness bound

Her poems wither
life drain
death ensue
merge with his dark words

She runs
through forests wild
with the wolf
of the night
lost to his desire

A recruit
his tribe
unwilling poem
no longer innocent
reincarnated devourer

Ancients blood
in forgotten words
desires bound
two as one

~ finis ~

‘Fluxus Interruptus: when renga joined the avant-garde’

Last week I collaborated on a renga poem with @peterwilkin1 and @marousia live on twitter. I think we all found the process very enjoyable and to me, it felt like we were having a conversation through poetry.

We decided to do another, this time with 36 verses and with more people participating. The last renga on twitter generated a lot of interest and @amoz1939 and @remittancegirl eagerly joined our dance. It was again spread over 2 mornings, owing to the time difference, and the five of us submitted a verse in turn. We all found it tremendous fun. The finished ‘formal’ poem can be found here on Peter Wilkins Blog  I took the liberty of turning it into a gogyohka series, a form I find thoroughly enjoyable, and hopefully summarises our two mornings together.

our renga starts at night / under a cool moon /  as the earth slumbers / breathes softly / in stillness and shadows

a gentle western breeze / lifts the petals / of a cherry tree / butterflies dance / and preen in colours

dragonflies smiling / silver ripples / on a lily pond / shades of orange / the koi are resting

ginkyo trees / stand silent guard / maples bow to the moon / honoured guests / will soon arrive

distant thunder / a heron glides / down across the mountainside / soft patter of rain / a frog jumps out of the pond

as dawn breaks / the angry wrathful / storm abates / I sit and wait / patiently

the air is fresh / and dense with thunder / dew trapped sparks / of lightening / passed

over the guests / a violet mist / descends / spreading like / a blanket

mosquitoes buzz  / spoken tales / of woven dreams / an old man sings / a song

of brave warriors / and their swords / and lovely geishas / the morning burns / the sun climbs high

the violet mist / has cleared / a breeze that whispers / secrets / cools the troubled mind

dragonflies dance / as breath upon / a dusty glass / leaves a ghostly geisha / kiss print

ghostly foot falls / tap across the / sun kissed terrace / soothing / ghostly lullabies

an exchange / a glance / a frisson of excitement / quivers / up the spine

kimonos rustle as / in the corner / the koto sounds / one dark abandoned note / the paper screen snaps shut

far away / behind the mountains / black ships appear / sailing / the turquoise ocean

surging through the waves / a promise /  a future / ships that tell of change

our renga ends / with a demon / flaming fiery eyes / the gods of change / are smiling

Unus Mundus

This poem is a collaboration on twitter, between myself, Peter (@peterwilkin1) and @marousia. The form ia an ancient Japanese art called Renga 

Peter had found the information on Wikepedia and was discussing it with @marousia on twitter. It piqued my interest and so I jumped into the conversation and suggested a renga about a unicorn. Surprisingly, both Peter and @marousia took to the idea and we ran with it using the hashtag #unicornrenga. The formal format is 5-7-5 followed by 7-7 and we ran to 18 verses. We completed it over a few days owing to the different time zones – @marousia lives in Australia – and here is the finished product.

I personally enjoyed it very much, although I am unfamiliar and a novice with the form. I was a bit daunted when @marousia suggested I start as I had thought of the unicorn. However, once we got into the flow, I enjoyed it enormously. I hope you do too.

a forgotton time / two moons collide together / a unicorn breathes
sparks from moons collision / kiss unicorn’s velvet horn

drops of rain glisten / like pearls on flower petals / round unicorn’s hooves
flowing silver mane whips back / unicorn races the moon

violets spring up / wherever unicorn’s hooves touch / trees whisper secrets
unicorn hears plaintative cry / bluebird with a broken wing

a bird from heaven / as blue as the sky is old / secrets bind them both
unicorn lowers his horn / a single touch heals the wing

bluebird sings his song / unicorn rears higher his eyes / like pools of moonshine
black witch readies her poison / a unicorn of beauty

ground unicorn horn / prized aphrodisiac / temptation was great
unicorn sees moon shadows / of black witch in bluebird’s eyes

black witch casts a spell / withered petals turn to dust / unicorn shudders
bluebird’s sweet song fills the air / black witche’s spell returns to her

black witch clutches throat / dissolves in putrid green steam / hail the unicorn
an eternal flame shines bright / in unicorn’s moonkissed eyes

unicorn breathes / on the putrid slime / turning it to gold
sunlight and shadows merging / death becomes life. Alchemy