#FiveSentenceFiction ~ Distance

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Every day during the summer holidays, ten-year old Luke would sit on the beach staring longingly out at the island.

It seemed to shimmer in the hazy distance, a rocky outcrop inhabited only by a colony of sea birds who would dip and dive through the spray into the crystal clear waters.

He didn’t know how to swim so could only watch them, remaining tethered to the shore and wishing he could feel the coolness of the sea water against his sun burnt skin.

It was their freedom that he envied most of all, and when his parents asked “Are you looking forward to the new term, Luke?” he could only nod glumly at the thought of school.

A knot formed in his stomach, but he vowed then that he would learn how to swim, return to the beach and visit his island one day.


© 2012 Louise Hastings

Written for the 5 sentence fiction prompt ~ Distance @ Lillie  McFerrin’s site


Scarlet ~ #FiveSentenceFiction


“Isn’t it beautiful” I said to Lucy, watching the horizon spread its scarlet fingers across the ocean waters.

I didn’t want it to end, but knew it must.

“Are you ready, mum?” asked Lucy, the tears streaming down her face.

I took her hand and she held me close as I drank the bitter liquid that would end all my pain and suffering.

When the sun finally sank, the air was so thick I could almost breathe in the stars.



© 2012 Louise Hastings

Composure ~ #FiveSentenceFiction

“You bitch” he’d sneered, and I knew he had won as soon as I felt my hand sting from slapping him.

After a shocked silence, he’d smirked from behind his red, burning cheek and threatened, ” You’ll regret this, miss.”

“Obnoxious thug,” I thought, watching his scruffy hulk lope from the classroom.

After 20 years of teaching, I fervently hoped I had enough standing with the school to survive this.

Biting my lip, right where he kissed me, I took a moment to compose myself and fling the moment from my mind like the poison that it was.



© 2012 Louise Hastings

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Faeries

Jasmine was 10 years old when she first got ‘lost’ in the mists of the woods at the edge of the garden.

She hadn’t felt lost at the time, but when she’d returned after many happy adventures, her mother had been frantic with worry: “Where have you been? You were gone for days!” she’d cried, bundling her daughter into her arms.

After that, she limited the time with her new friends who loved the colour of her eyes, a sparkling green that glimmered like the emerald of the leaves after rainfall.

But one day, after many years had passed, she’d gone down to find that her friends had simply vanished.

She wondered if she would ever see them again and never forgot them or told anyone about them except to her children; she smiled when they disappeared into the woods and knew they’d be safe: they’d inherited the same colour in their eyes.



© 2012 Louise Hastings

Five Sentence Fiction ~ Medicine

Endangered Orchid

Daylight was fading fast and the boy knew it was time, the exquisite flower only bloomed in the dark.

Luckily, the moon gave him some light as he picked his way carefully through the forest, knowing that he couldn’t fail the tribe this time, its elder lay seriously ill and close to death.

Then he saw it, such rare beauty, so rare that no-one had ever named it.

He carefully picked its petals, folding them and gently placing them in his leather pouch strapped to his waist.

The petals when crushed and mixed into a paste, were an elixir, a cure-all, hope against all hope, yet he wasn’t to know that the flower was the last of its kind left in the world.

©2012 Louise Hastings

Written in response to Lillie McFerrins Five Sentence Fiction prompt – Medicine