Official Release

Paperback & Kindle

I am proud to announce that Beatha – A Badger’s Story is now available from Amazon UK. The paperback edition is a 166 page children’s book with a retail price of £4.99. The ISBN is: 978-1489528933. Also available as an e-book with a retail price of £3.08. For more information or to request a review copy, please do contact me through the contact form.

Book Description:

In Bilbrook Wood, the badger Beatha senses danger from nearby Burridge Farm, where dairy farmer Jake Barker is plotting to destroy her family and all she holds dear. Does she stay and risk it all? Or leave her ancestral home as winter fast approaches? This is Beatha’s story, where the peaceful natural world meets the world of power and greed, and where lives hang in the balance.

These are dark and desperate times for Britain’s badgers, accused by the farming community of spreading tuberculosis in cattle. The government have rejected the science and public opposition, and are planning a cull of badger’s this summer. More than ever they need our help. By buying this book, you are supporting them and raising funds for the Badger Trust who work tirelessly to defend and protect these beautiful and innocent creatures.

This Story

© Photos: John Peters 2009

I could tell you that there in the dark
where the hills protrude from the black –
nobody is about, just the distant bark
of a fox, a few night birds calling,
sharp starlight bathing the treetops.
But that wouldn’t be true; the ground
is saturated with blood, with the stink
of dogma, bullets and guns.
I wonder if you would listen then,
when I tell you of unspeakable things –
of pain, the rip and tear of innocent flesh.
I have no say, just this poem,
needles of frost in my hair, this story.



Copyright 2012 Louise Hastings

Any day now the guns will start firing over the counties of Somerset and Gloucestershire, killing 70% (so they say) of the badger population in an unscientific and unpopular cull ..if you disagree with this then please take a moment to sign the petition Thank you!