A Government Recipe (For Disaster)

First pre-heat your political fervour to maximum temperature –
Introduce a badger cull, cut taxes for the rich.

Several thousand badgers (without TB)
1 row of Liberal Democrats (lightly mashed)
1 tin of evaporated sorry (for the inevitable broken pledge)
1 large dose of unemployment, debt
1 shredded NHS
1 pack of carrots chopped (for the plebs)
1 home-grown Boris Johnson (for the comic effect)
1 pile of printed money (for quantitative easing purposes)
1 large bucket of arrogance

Ensure all ingredients are well blended together – use a wooden spoon
but put aside the farmers and the animal activists – they do NOT mix.
Warning: Be sure to use heat-proofed gloves – a scalding likely.
Note: This procedure could take 5 years to complete.
In the meantime, emigrate.

by Louise Hastings

Written in response to Clarissa Dickson Wright’s assertion that we should cook badgers killed in the imminent cull The Independent
And with apologies to Ann Chance and her winning poem Hadron Collider Star Recipe published in the Poetry News 😉
On a more serious note, please sign the anti-badger cull e-petition Thank you!