Destiny’s hand

I find I can’t breathe
under these city lights
replacing the stars
that shine in gentle disarray.
The night lies still and quiet,
but someday it will happen,
I don’t know how or when.
I will keep the car’s engine running,
ticking over just in case.

You see,
He sends me signs of burning bridges,
seas that make no sound.
“Show them who you really are” He says,
“Hold tight to destiny’s hand”.
Ok, I nod.
I just hope its in my plans as well.


by Louise


Dark Angel

Frozen stream in Enäjärvi, Finland.

Dark angel of the frozen night
freezes the blood of souls in pain,
and sears the truth right through the brain,

spreads stark despair in black and white,
cries swollen tears within your fears,
with outspread wings in silent flight.

All winds and sunlight he shall reign,
dark angel of the frozen night.

by Louise

My effort for Monday’s Onestoppoetry form – Octains,  invented by Luke Prater

Good Friday

John 10:10 ‘I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’

I do not worry
for meaningless things, I stilled
and quieted my soul

I wish everyone a very happy Easter


Is God in our imagination?
dying before being born again.
Or He’s the Lord of all creation.
Is God in our imagination?
I wish to choose rejuvenation,
the world a web inside my brain.
Is God in our imagination?
dying before being born again.

by Louise

God’s Language

I can sense my blood
moving with the inky tides
angels face the east

between the past and future
dawn illuminates the sky

In the silent hush
of the gentle morning sea
I hear a curlew

that cries the tears of children
 who speak the language of God

by Louise