Image by Louise

Again the blossom
foams along the fence
and sparrows in the eaves
chatter, bright-eyed
against the skim of blue.

And while you sleep,
turning as the Earth turns,
rotating in an eye-blink, a petal falls
like a longed for touch of breath
brushing by your cheek.

The garden seems crowded
now, cluttered with sunlight,
a smudge of purple, wings
and trees, a ripple
on the surface of the pond.

And you know this colour well,
the way the light
falls across the water,
how it leaves you breathless
and asks you what you’re waiting for.


©2013 Louise Hastings


Empty Pockets

Little by little we glide

on words unsaid,

inhale the air of Indian summer,

nudge our toes towards desire,

leafy, languid heat.

In the stillness

beyond the golden haze,

the verdant greens

and cyan sky

sparkle by the riverside.

My breath,

the gentle zephyr breeze,

my pockets, empty, light.


© 2012 Louise Hastings

To finally see the colours


Photograph from National Geographic

My life has often been about chaos
and destruction, a walk into dark alone.
It isn’t pleasant there;
the words I write often sound of black.

But when mindfulness awakes me,
I begin to write of colours and of peace.

Like green is the grass blowing in the wind.
Blue is Neptune spinning round the moon.
Orange is the orange that tastes so good.
Yellow is the sun that warms me to the core.
Red is the colour I could wear and adore.

To finally be able to see
is such a wondrous gift.
There is music in the world,
and rainbows –

sometimes inside of me.
by Louise

Written for Blognostics Colour Contatenation

A #sixword play

A dance of words on twitter with the wonderful @novatwitman, who started us off with:

patience her virtue, each second waits

breathless as time, her hunger burns

a bright sparkle kindling the stars

white heat dancing with the moon

rhythm swaying close, ghosting her surface

a gentle rippling, ebb and flow

breeze breath gentle warmth on surface

powerful new moon awakes the night

drawn together, primal thoughts and actions

light playing on her ghostly lips

moonbeams lap her earthly skin

in rivers of silver, magic dance

pebbles giggle, hop, tumble with glee

bubbling sofly back to earthly realms

stealing kisses she smiles and chuckles

a clap of hands, boundless delight

silhouette tickles her moon lit nape

light tingling sensations strokes her desires

joys exude from little unexpected ideas

like rosebuds blooming after heavy rain

follow curvature towards her shadowy depths

sink into her divine, follow love

petals quiver at every raindrop felt

trembling at a touch so soft

warmth glows, revealing the full moon

sinking deeper into its hypnotic light

shudders from each earth bound drops

a gold sky explodes, penninsula reborn

craves patiently, the next full moon

to another time of midnight greeness

to reveal new unexplored earthly wiles

new directions of a forgotten path

all leads to the original glance

patiently watching, waiting to pounce

where time freezes momentarily and unexpected

where wild winds blow time apart

to replay dance with forgotten beats

heart pulse flow, times forever song

and all that matters is dance

pleasure in the beat, life’s journey

lyrics to be discovered, between two

vibrations to be found, minds entwine

pleasure as always, dear little poem

is he sleeping now? She wonders

Still awake though more rest beckons

enjoy the rest, sleep dear wolf

light and moon in timeless cuddles


~ finis ~


Sometimes the cut is too deep,
the wounds bleeding and wide open.
I’m not proud of them, never that.
Bitterness is my failure. I take it daily,
feeling its poison thread through my
veins like a drug. It is too costly to be nice;
like the taste of slow torture,
your tongue tracing the salty tracks
made by the tears that stream down my face.

Some things just betray me,
catching  my heart in a vice.
The scent of freedom’s a thrill,
being caught out in your gaze;
the freshly mown grass under my feet;
those days by the river, buzzing with dragonflies,
flitting in a whirl of business and wings.

But this is how it is now,
me keeping my distance
watching from afar. What is better,
safe and comfortable or caught out on a limb?
You did your work well
giving me your pain at the start of my life.


by Louise