Binary Oppositions

She sits
wide awake,
a synergy
of blood and breath

behind incurved glass,
pale persistent walls,
bustling bureaucrats –

a phone rings
from another room      she                    cannot          get
to –

holding on, letting go
of signs, distant, opaque,
stars transmuted
from the darkest matter.

The reflection blurs into silica
and ash, but she’ll find it
again, that misplaced sense of self –

in the trick of light on snow
or in a lightning flash,

or maybe on an airless day
between the binary oppositions,
traces and clicks.


Coming Soon

Available August 2012

Exploring intimate worlds and profound moments, British poet Louise Hastings’ début collection will open your mind and haunt your senses. With unique imagery and powerful emotion, you will be consumed as you set sail on an ethereal journey through artistry and imagination.

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A Publishing Contract

I am very excited to announce that Winter Goose Publishing have offered me an amazing opportunity to publish my first collection of poetry with them, to which I have accepted and signed earlier this month. I feel very proud and pleased and I hope you’ll take a moment to read the Winter Goose site for the details of my book Phases of the Moon due to be released August 2012



Somewhere Unknown

Dusk has fallen. She takes the first touch
of a book, opening to breathe in its scent,

fingering through pages, letters bleeding
across paper, words wrapped round her tongue.

There is ink and blood and she is bound
between its covers, captured within images

that lay huddled by the yellow lamp. Outside
the room, bat wings catch the moonlight.

An owl cries. She’s settling for the night,
hunger fed until dawn glances

through the forest skyline, stepping
from this world to the next still crouched

in her dreaming mind, with a poem
lifting off to somewhere unknown.

by Louise

This poem has also been recorded by the wonderful Abigail @The_Linnet and can be heard here

Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night (it’s Tuesday again already!) ~ hosted by the wonderful poet Claudia Schoenfeld


Giorgio de Chirico – Love Song

Indolent gods stand still as stone
gazing from world to world.
Hurtling towards tomorrow
they spend lives of queasy yellows,
monochromatic acidic greens.
With backs against the shadows
our silent voices (our love song)
sings to aqua skies. Outside the
stillness waits, as we do,
for a remembered taste perhaps
of Adam and Eve’s  first storm.


by Louise
In response to dVersepoets Poetics – hosted by Mark Kerstetter who asked us to write a poem inspired by one of Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings. I have to say this is one of the strangest poems I have ever written.. 😉