Lady of the Lake

Photo credit: Louise Hastings

Photo credit: Louise Hastings

Beyond these hills in a darkening sky
the wind blows in a gust of stars

and I dream of flying, stepping off
this plinth of stone, to stretch my wings

and fly like the birds do, in wind and sun,
over earth and trees. I searched for this

wild place, became its guardian, watched
it change as I changed, my legs, my arms,

my face; I looked upon them like they were new
to me, all the cracks and storm-blown bits.

And as I stand alone among these empty hours,
I wait for sunrise, the shaft of orange light

that brought me warmth and hope
before I heard the music and entered fire.



Copyright @Louise Hastings 2013

Dying Star

Mountain lake

When the sun descends beneath winter clouds
the jackals circle in a deep wood
out where the frozen grass lays under frost light.

They pant hotly on the soil, pressed close
as we pass – saliva drips, a gash for a mouth –
seeking earth’s exposed nerve, riches, death.

These are the hours, all that might be lost,
hopes dissolving with the melting snow,
loss lingering in the dark like the hill fog.

They are laughing now; hear the callous disregard
while earth’s watchers, bathed in moonlight
remain the keepers of this dying star.



Copyright @Louise Hastings 2013

Fragile Earth

On the horizon there are rumblings
as a white bird circles the sky,
its wings caught in betrayal
of the land and the sea,
and once clean waters
bled over rocks,

by Louise

A nonet written for Onestoppoetry – Form Monday

I had the idea for this poem from my twitter chums, who were discussing ‘Fracking‘ this morning. Fracking is a technology used by the oil and gas industry to access “unconventional” natural gas deposits trapped in shale, coalbed, and tight-sand formations – potentially at the expense of underground water supplies. Like all these things, there is big money involved. But at what cost to our planet?

Secret gardens

‘Artspiration’ by Bonnie of Original Art Studio

There is a secret
hidden in the garden
like a giant tree,
its roots twisting deep
into moist unsettled earth.
I float away
under its cool shade,
as his eyes look right through me,
startling green.
My wings
beat against his breath,
the arc of a branch
bending, curled around
his body
as I touch the sky,
sinking deeper….


it  swallows us both.


by Louise

The song never sung

The rain came,
time stopped
leaves fell inside me,
blown along a
temporal flow
of images
lining up the shore,
with arms held high
then sinking –

as autumn claimed
its ghost,
beauty met
a tidal flood.
Mountains grew,
shadows lengthened
into a song never sung.
Love visited
and then was gone.


by Louise