I gave you a smile,
and you took it
deep inside,
and it felt good
for a while.

There is nakedness
of thought,
a clarity
that hangs between us.
It leads me

by the hand,
back towards my home
and whispered in the words
you write,
tingling up my spine.

Yeah, the ones
you didn’t burn,
or throw out with the trash.
You can’t take them back now,
did you know that?


by Louise


Nothing happened

Perhaps nothing happened,
“How much time has passed?”
I ask, but you turn away
lighting a cigarette.

From another universe
there is an echo
resounding through the airwaves
in a reverberating hum.

You have a gift for words
which wraps me up in hugs.
I can feel the layers penetrate,
subtly sublime.

I fold them up in wings
so they can flutter
like a bluebird
into Sunday afternoon.

“What happened?”
you say. I just give you a shrug.
Later on,
it will happen to us again.


by Louise

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish

I will give myself to the sky,
see the world as it always was,
reach for the winds that talk to me.

Pattern the shape of things to come
as colours, sounds and thoughts;
sit on the edge of starless nights.

Be the child dancing in a dream,
see the past in your tearless eyes;
ponder on your cowards kiss.

And be pleased to know you
to never kill the thing I love.
I shall give myself to the sky.


by Louise