Autumn mists

Love me, love me not?
Unanswered questions
swirl in autumn mists.
Love beyond language,
unspoken, sudden;
tastes of autumn leaves
linger in his kiss.
Platitudes flutter
in the restless undertow.
Won’t watch the crows
or the curve of their slow flight.

This is when the change came;
the snow held me in her drifts.

by Louise


The song never sung

The rain came,
time stopped
leaves fell inside me,
blown along a
temporal flow
of images
lining up the shore,
with arms held high
then sinking –

as autumn claimed
its ghost,
beauty met
a tidal flood.
Mountains grew,
shadows lengthened
into a song never sung.
Love visited
and then was gone.


by Louise


‘Alfresco’ painted by Alison Jardine

Between the water and the sky
lies all of nature wondrous wild.
The bird that skyward tries to fly,
while heaven kissed the wayward child.
Love’s endless minutes roll on by,
as morning sun shone bright and smiled.
Not quite a waking truth, a dream,
this silence blessed down by the stream.

The sea is deep, the moon is blind
as fairies wake you with a kiss,
sapphire mysteries for you to find,
amethyst stones, forbidden bliss.
A stream of light shines from behind,
your choice to live, what life is this?
Exquisite magic, tastes of wine,
whispered secrets, limbs entwined.

by Louise

Written for One stop poetry ~ Friday poetically by Brian Miller

Nothing happened

Perhaps nothing happened,
“How much time has passed?”
I ask, but you turn away
lighting a cigarette.

From another universe
there is an echo
resounding through the airwaves
in a reverberating hum.

You have a gift for words
which wraps me up in hugs.
I can feel the layers penetrate,
subtly sublime.

I fold them up in wings
so they can flutter
like a bluebird
into Sunday afternoon.

“What happened?”
you say. I just give you a shrug.
Later on,
it will happen to us again.


by Louise

Just maybe – A short story in 55 words

I see him from my ‘other’ world and my
stomach flips over. I’m not really sure
why; it’s not like I’ve ever met him. But
there’s something about him; we connect.
It feels slightly insane to be getting lost
in a fantasy that doesn’t exist. The logistics
of meeting him are difficult, but not impossible.


by Louise