A #sixword play

A dance of words on twitter with the wonderful @novatwitman, who started us off with:

patience her virtue, each second waits

breathless as time, her hunger burns

a bright sparkle kindling the stars

white heat dancing with the moon

rhythm swaying close, ghosting her surface

a gentle rippling, ebb and flow

breeze breath gentle warmth on surface

powerful new moon awakes the night

drawn together, primal thoughts and actions

light playing on her ghostly lips

moonbeams lap her earthly skin

in rivers of silver, magic dance

pebbles giggle, hop, tumble with glee

bubbling sofly back to earthly realms

stealing kisses she smiles and chuckles

a clap of hands, boundless delight

silhouette tickles her moon lit nape

light tingling sensations strokes her desires

joys exude from little unexpected ideas

like rosebuds blooming after heavy rain

follow curvature towards her shadowy depths

sink into her divine, follow love

petals quiver at every raindrop felt

trembling at a touch so soft

warmth glows, revealing the full moon

sinking deeper into its hypnotic light

shudders from each earth bound drops

a gold sky explodes, penninsula reborn

craves patiently, the next full moon

to another time of midnight greeness

to reveal new unexplored earthly wiles

new directions of a forgotten path

all leads to the original glance

patiently watching, waiting to pounce

where time freezes momentarily and unexpected

where wild winds blow time apart

to replay dance with forgotten beats

heart pulse flow, times forever song

and all that matters is dance

pleasure in the beat, life’s journey

lyrics to be discovered, between two

vibrations to be found, minds entwine

pleasure as always, dear little poem

is he sleeping now? She wonders

Still awake though more rest beckons

enjoy the rest, sleep dear wolf

light and moon in timeless cuddles


~ finis ~


Little poem

This gogyohka dance happened this morning, quite unexpectedly, when @novatwitman stalked and pounced on my tweet of  ‘little poem’ ~ it resulted in this magical collaborative twitter poem. You can read more of @novatwitman’s ‘Wicked Thoughts’ here.

Little poem
out there
all alone
will it
be safe?

Beware little one
in the shadows
lurks the devourer
of innocent

Little poem
her song
of beauty
to his ears

if you must
only darkness hears
its only
me and you alone

The letters
as he
takes his bite
to all eternity

His beastly appetite
leans on her alphabet
snarls lewdness
promise the dictionary
for a bite

He leads her
by the commas
into her ear

His wickedness
verbs and nouns
enchanted sonnets
her thoughts

Limbs askew
she dies
into his
darkness bound

Her poems wither
life drain
death ensue
merge with his dark words

She runs
through forests wild
with the wolf
of the night
lost to his desire

A recruit
his tribe
unwilling poem
no longer innocent
reincarnated devourer

Ancients blood
in forgotten words
desires bound
two as one

~ finis ~

Waiting – Flash fiction in 100 words

I feel sorry for the lad standing there in the rain, waiting for a bus
that is invariably late. Isn’t it always? He is young and hasn’t worn
a coat. I can see him shivering from here. Standing in the cosy
warmth of my living room, for once I’m glad I have nowhere to go.

I’m not sure I have much to show for my time spent on this earth.
But I have had a comfortable ringside seat to watch it all go past
me through the double glazing.

I see the boy jumping on the bus. Another journey begins.


by Louise

Sunshine on a rainy day

A collection of my tweets of haiku and gogyohka written on twitter
whispered words evoke
memories of parchments old
lost in time’s desire

deep in the mountains
crystals pulse with healing light
radiating hope
even as Emerys sleeps
the dragon awakes again


fresh healthy breezes
bring swimming mermen to my
salty shoreline dream


heartstrings kissed by you
soothe the purple troubled stain
left by thumb prints bruise


crushed ripe oranges
taste extraordinary
pressed against your lips


wanton gypsy heart
arrest my lingering hopes
passions sway in tune


this beautiful day
how extraordinary
let tomorrow wait


my walk-in wardrobe
hangs frocks of every hue
deliciously worn


a glance / a whisper / say’s so much / when it comes / from you


and I / in my / longing / and compassion / find peace


tiger / in a cage / pacing back / and forth / watching ~ waiting


inner worlds / of swirling stars / and comets / born of / gaping holes


on this beautiful / sunshine day / spring / awakes / begins again


Little wren / moulding / moss / making the / perfect home

A river of stones – International small stones writing month

Stone 1
a dreamy dawn /  sweet lips / a soft touch / fills me with / a warm glow inside

Stone 2
a picture collage / treasured gifts / of golden memories / a woven union / joined in celebration

Stone 3
a flock of starlings / swirling shapes / dancing in the dusk / suddenly swoop / like stones into the trees

Stone 4
the breaking dawn / arrives / too soon

Stone 5
winds howl / lashing rain / unexpected chill / and sudden pain / a silent voice cries

Stone 6
poetic words / flown by birds / wrapped in velvet / soaked in wine / just for me

Stone 7
a hazy dawn / brings black witch / back into the fray / our unicorn is in grave danger / we race towards the moon

Stone 8
friendship / like a warm blanket / soft and snuggly / a refuge / from the pelting rain

Stone 9
morning / sweet friend / whose sun is shining / a smile / from the heart

Stone 10
follow me / in the twitter stream / that flows us / to the land / of dreams

Stone 11
rainy days / and lonely moments / someone / somewhere / is thinking of me

Stone 12
tears / drops of glistening pearls / a tumbling / golden release / and dreamless blissful sleep

Stone 13
together / under one sky / seeing / the dreams / in the others eyes

Stone 14
a lover / a friend / or both / neither / to be denied

Stone 15
an exchange / a glance / a frisson of excitement / quivers / up my spine

Stone 16
your ego / is / a monster / that’s far too big / for me

Stone 17
She sinks / beneath the waves / of retribution / a dark / and lonely place

Stone 18
demon eyes / flaming red / seeking her still / lurking in shadows / hunting her down

Stone 19
missing you already / as you turn / away to go / I cry / to see you smile

Stone 20
playful / sparkling wit / and pleasant company / makes my day / complete

Stone 21
pain is hidden / deep / in your / beautiful eyes / of green

Stone 22
walk towards the sun / fickle winter, icy cold / your heart is melting

Stone 23
a billion stars / floating in the universe / somehow I was born

Stone 24

a nation stands / on the brink / of revolution / Egypt’s future / a flame of hope

Stone 25
I sidestepped / the traps / and avoided / the dark / I met that wolf / alone

Stone 26

light dies / when love / is gone

Stone 27
polar bears / would feel / at home / in England’s / icy blast