February Wind

Image credit: Louise Hastings

Image credit: Louise Hastings

Last night
a gust of stars
in February wind


The Winter Tree


Image by Louise Hastings

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul” ~ Emily Dickinson

The sky is open,
wide and dark, a chill
carried on the eastern wind.

A single bird takes flight,
the vacant branch
left black and quiet

and when he turns his head
I can see the clouds
drift across his eyes.

The shadow lingers,
its outline charcoal grey
like mid-December rain

and I would hold that bird,
set it there beside you,
deep inside your winter tree.



Copyright 2012 Louise Hastings


This morning
in the rain-streaked golden light
a butterfly was dancing,
wing-tips spilling sunlight
into the citrus sting of bitter-sweet
rippling along the jet stream.
Did it sense the fragrance
still wafting from the open greenhouse
door, that heady scent of leaf and fruit?
The swallows have left already,
waved farewell to summer’s short sojourn,
swooping to the edge of day, the wind
rising now at dawn. But what is left is this:
nights of stars, an orange glow,
the slow drift of firewood smoke –
and the music playing inside of us,
fierce enough to fade, stir again.



Copyright 2012 Louise Hastings

Dark Angel

Frozen stream in Enäjärvi, Finland.

Dark angel of the frozen night
freezes the blood of souls in pain,
and sears the truth right through the brain,

spreads stark despair in black and white,
cries swollen tears within your fears,
with outspread wings in silent flight.

All winds and sunlight he shall reign,
dark angel of the frozen night.

by Louise

My effort for Monday’s Onestoppoetry form – Octains,  invented by Luke Prater